It really pisses me off how much people “love” eachother.. Like fucking really? We just “broke up” 2 fucking weeks ago and you were inlove with me blahblahblah and now youre in love with another girl?! I dont care i mean youre happy and all but darling i think youre confusing love with liking someone… Cause you use that word WAY too fucking much…

OnAsidenote- got attacked and have cuts ans bruises errywhere.

i miss my woman…..

Oh darn.
Youre gorgeous but you have quite a few flaws i dont kbow if i can handel.
1. Youre alergic to cats ( i just got one)
2. Youre 25
3. Youre a player
5. You act before you think

1. Good in bed
2. Hott
3. Always there for me.

You ask me out?! More cons than pros babe…

You know that girl, sinking into depression? The one who doesn’t seem happy anymore? The one that you suspect cuts herself? The one that has stopped eating and lost weight dramatically? The person you suspect isn’t really happy? Help them. Before it’s too late. That’s all I ask, reach out to them. Help them, save them, because no one saved me.

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